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1111 <h3 class="sub-title">Git based monitoring</h3>
12 <p>Using <strong>git hooks</strong> we can have embedded monitoring as you can see in below screenshot.</p>
13 <img widht="100%" src="/build/img/embedded-git-monitoring.png" alt="embedded-git-monitoring.png">
12 <p>Using the <strong>git</strong> itself, we can have embedded monitoring as you can see in below screenshots.</p>
13 <p>It is the <strong>fastest</strong> and <strong>most effective</strong> way I could come up with. We can embed anything we like.</p>
14 <p>It shows that both push, and merge succeeded.</p>
15 <img width="100%" src="/build/img/pgs-merge-succeeded.png" alt="pgs-merge-succeeded.png">
16 <p>What if it did not succeed?</p>
17 <p>The output of git is embedded when failed. For example here file-5, file-6 on the server has changed without committing. And git cannot override them. So it gives us the error instantly..</p>
18 <p>I am one commit behind, so I try pushing ...</p>
19 <img width="100%" src="/build/img/pgs-merge-failed-2.png" alt="pgs-merge-failed.png">
20 <p>Is not it amazing?</p>
1622 <h3 class="sub-title">Phone based monitoring</h3>
1723 <p>If we like to receive a kind of notification on our phone, we can setup Text Message Notification.</p>