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2 <h1 id="monitoring" class="sub-title">monitoring</h1>
2 <h1 id="monitoring" class="sub-title">Monitoring</h1>
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44 <p>Here is quick review of kinds of monitoring we can have.</p>
1111 <h3 class="sub-title">Git based monitoring</h3>
12 <i>My innovation.</i>
1213 <p>Using the <strong>git</strong> itself, we can have embedded monitoring as you can see in below screenshots.</p>
1314 <p>It is the <strong>fastest</strong> and <strong>most effective</strong> way I could come up with. We can embed anything we like.</p>
1415 <p>It shows that both push, and merge succeeded.</p>
4445 <h3 class="sub-title">SSH based monitoring</h3>
46 <i>My innovation.</i>
4547 <p>Using SSH and keeping the connection alive helps us to have a secure, fast, real-time, and amazing monitoring.</p>
4648 <p>The interesting part of using SSH is that we can redirect the output to our psuedo-terminal so we can have a single terminal for both pushing and monitoring.</p>
47 <p>Here is screenshot that after pushing to the server, the result is redirected to us.</p>
49 <p>Here is screenshot that after pushing to the server, the result has been redirected to me.</p>
4850 <img widht="100%" src="/build/img/ssh-monitoring.png" alt="ssh-monitoring.png">
4951 <ul>
5052 <li>I push to github</li>