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77 <p>If you wanted a fully automated pipeline and solve the problem of your access to gitlab, in the right way, notify me via:</p>
88 <ul>
99 <li>email me:
10 <strong style="letter-spacing: -2px;">
1011 <span>n</span>
1112 <span>e</span>
1213 <span>t</span>
2122 <span>.</span>
2223 <span>i</span>
2324 <span>t</span>
25 </strong>
2426 </li>
2527 </ul>
2628 <p>to schedule a conversion over Skype. If you already have Skype, you can find me with Name / ID:</p>
2830 <li>Name: "Shakiba Moshiri"</li>
2931 <li>ID: +98 930 781 8080</li>
3032 </ul>
31 <p>on Skype. Also if you had any others questions or good idea feel free to tell them to me :).</p>
33 <p>Also if you had any other questions or good ideas, feel free to tell them to me so we can learn from each other or work together.</p>
3335 <h3 class="sub-title">NOTE</h3>
3436 <p>This homepage source code as a repository for test is available on:</p>